My forte is working with individuals, small businesses and start-ups
to help them clearly define their personal and business goals,
and then developing SMARTER* goals to achieve them.

* SMARTER Goals : Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound, Evaluated, Re-done

"A solid and relevant foundation is an essential starting-point
or any venture you may be involved in or anticipating."

How I can help you...

Web sites and Social Media

I enjoy using a very effective process whereby we create (or re-do) your website as the basis for clarifying your business objectives and direction, and answer two key questions... "what do I really want?" and "what question is my business the perfect answer to?"

We kick-off by being crystal clear about where you want to be, so you can see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, feel it! Then we work together for a few hours a week developing and implementing the steps required to reach various milestones, and from there the adventure continues....

I take care of all the admin and back-office "stuff" (yes, stuff is a technical term I use a lot) like registering domains, setting-up your email, designing and creating your actual website, hosting and even search engine optimisation and Google AdWords campaigns.

Then comes Social Media integration (FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr Etc), Mailing List building, Newsletters and Mailshots and overall relationship-building with your Ideal Clients.

This process is an integral part of updating your business plans, defining yardsticks and achieving goals. And along the way we'll tackle your target market, product mix, margin analysis and all the other "accounting stuff"

Grow YOUR business by 
using my Knowledge, Experience
and Network to help you FOCUS on what YOU want...

What qualifies me to help you?...

My background is varied and diverse, coming as I do from an entrepreneurial family. I have always worked in businesses I've owned and started (either fully or with partners.) These have included fast food franchises, wholesaling truck tyres, video and audio post-production. I've been involved in live radio and television broadcasting for many years, setting-up several radio stations (Solid Gold, Yarona, Buwa FM, East Wave and Mix FM) and was part of the team that got South Africa's first and most successful community televison station off-the-ground (Soweto TV).

This diverse set of skills enables me to assist passionate people with the fun, exciting (and for some, scary) start-up phase of small businesses. I recently sold my main business and took a sabbatical to spend lots of time with my three young children. Now, my time is divided amongst several smaller business ventures with some spare time for photography, project management, consulting and writing. I also make models of luxury houses (during the design phase) for people who prefer "touchy feeley" to virtual 3D modeling.

My current other business interest include -
In addition to my personal work interests, I served as Secretary on the School Governing Body of Bryandale Primary School and am the past Chairman of the Governing Body of Bryanston High School where I've been actively involved in some exciting projects like water usage reduction, electricity monitoring and savings, print and copying overhaul, tuck shop systems implementation and a myriad of other rewarding projects (including selling advertising on billboards and in the Newsletter.)

I now use all of this varied experience to provide one-on-one Life Coaching and Small Business Consulting services aimed at helping you to live the life you want.

"What stage of development are you, or your business, in?"

How can I assist you to live the life you want?
My interesting journey has provided me with a multitude of skills.... in addition to being an Evolved Life Coach I have managed a fleet of hundreds of vehicles, sold tyres, run several fast-food franchises, started and run radio and TV stations, TV outside broadcasts, done some writing, photography, model building, and still find time to be a full-time dad (though my nest is emptying).

I'm currently the Operations Manager at Education Incorporated Boutique School in Fourways as well as at Kip McGrath Education Centres in Bryanston and Kyalami,

Many days you'll find me enjoying my coffee, newspaper and sudoku (or Words With Friends) at my local coffee shop and then meeting Clients, developing strategies, creating websites and all the other fun stuff I love doing.

Contact me now - and let's get you to where you've always dreamed of being.

Gavin Kennedy
Sandton, South Africa

...are you sending
people to
your website ?

...or is your website
sending people
to you ?

let us help...