The School Governing Body at Bryanston High School
has a well-positioned 4,5m x 18m double-sided billboard on the ever-busy William Nicol Drive in Bryanston. Bookings for this sign are currently managed by Sean Busschau at  Insight Outdoor.

There are also opportunities to advertise in our 8 annual school Newsletters (see bottom of the page)


Additional smaller signs (2,4m x 1,2m) are also available and are managed by Liza Williams.
The current rate for these signs is R2,000 / month (excl material which you source yourself)



Bryanston High School Newsletter

Bryanston High School produces two newsletters each term (i.e. 8 per year) and distributes them via email and social media to all families, teachers, supporters and Alumni (i.e. approx 5,000 names). The Newsletters are in Full Colour A5 booklet form and viewed online
TO ADVERTISE... please mail Sandy de Villiers   (see advert size options below)

FNB Wierda Valley (26 09 50) Acc # 5882 0028 497
NB! please use "NEWS" and then your your company name as EFT reference.

Current Newsletter...

Past Issues...


Advert Size Options

Full Page
R650 per insertion
Outside Back Cover R825 per insertion
(270 mm high x 190 mm wide)

1/4 Page Portrait Orientation Only
R200 per insertion
(135 mm high x 95 mm wide)

1/3 Page Portrait or Lanscape
R275 per insertion
(275 mm high x 60 mm wide)
(90 mm high x 190 mm wide)

1/2 Page Portrait Orientation Only
R400 per insertion
(135 mm high x 190 mm wide)

mini Ads R50 per insertion
MIDI Ads R100 per insertion